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Product Exposure

Our vials provide endless opportunities for all sectors of wine consumption.



Premium wine-by-the-glass options for restaurants, hotels, catering venues, arenas, and stadiums.

Expanded options for wine pairings/tasting menus allowing restaurants to curate on-demand pairings.

Elevated single-serve options for hotels and airlines lead to increased revenue and profit generation when purchased and serving as premium amenities for hotel
VIP and business/first-class customers.


Winery discovery packages for tasting rooms, retail stores, corporate gifting, and more.

Better equip your distributors and their sales force by avoiding waste and dramatically reducing sample and training costs.

Improve in-store customer-facing experiences, allowing customers to actively participate, gain education from QR code scans, and be given “to go” to reach new customers in their homes.


Streamline shipping and reduce costs when sending samples to prospective clients, media, distributors, and DTC customers.

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