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About Us

At Verre, we are truly passionate about wines and spirits. We are happy to bring you single-serve wine in an elegant recyclable glass vial, allowing you to taste various wines during a meal without having to open a full bottle of wine. The world has countless wonderful wines and tasty spirits to offer, and we are on a mission to make them more obtainable. Our vials are the perfect single-serve tool that guarantees an incomparable tasting experience and encourages responsible drinking at the same time. 

Our Mission

At Verre wines, we create a sustainable, innovative, and straightforward way to introduce and present the best beverages worldwide.


Curated Tasting Experiences

  • Quality of the wine is the same as the full bottle

  • Vial sizes come in 1.6oz and 3.4oz

  • Enjoy wine, tequila, whiskey, cocktail by the glass

  • QR code technology with winemaker video elaborating wine experience

QR Code Tracing

Wineries and distilleries that want to conduct a survey and get consumers' opinions about their juice can do so using our vial's QR code rating system, created by Verre, to get direct consumer feedback.

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